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Consultancy platform between health care professionals

I-DTI online consultancy platform allows knowledge exchange between healthcare professionals for the purpose of helping solve doubtful donation scenarios and therefore increase the donor pool.

Focused on consultancy and messaging services and discuss specific scenarios with a team of recognized experts, I-DTI allows users to create and share knowledge in chat groups, upload files and discuss specific scenarios with a team of recognized experts.

I-DTI is offering a free trial until September to help during the COVID-19 global situation.

Go to I-DTI’s website to learn more and sign up for free I-DTI experience!

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Webinar on Organ Perfusion Systems

To say goodbye to the first month of 2021, the DTI Community, together with the Hospital Clinic and the University of Barcelona, ​​organized a new international webinar. This time the topic was “Organ perfusion systems: a solution for the future”.

For this webinar, we had the pleasure of having Dr. Pedro Moreo from EBERS Medical Technology S.L. and Mr. Francesc Gahete from XVIVO Perfusion AB. Moderated by our director of the Tissue and Cells Unit Mr. Estephan Arredondo, the webinar addressed the present and future of organ perfusion systems as  innovative techniques to increase the availability of organs for transplantation.

More than 50 people from different parts of the world joined this webinar and had a firsthand view of the latest achievements and future challenges of perfusion systems.

The great advantage of perfusion machines over static perfusion methods is that, not only do they  keep the organ in good condition, but they can help improve some of its parameters. In addition, extending the maintenance time of the organs facilitates a better organization of the donation and transplantation process.The speakers explained the process of development of their devices and different components that allow to maintain and improve the state of each organ. They also  talked about the time of use validated by each machine, as well as the clinical trials and accreditations they had carried out.

This webinar can be consulted at DTI Community website

DTI Foundation trained more than 50 healthcare professionals from Kerala, India

More than 50 healthcare professionals, including physicians, intensivists and nurses, from Trivandrum Medical College in Kerala, India, attended the TPM online intermediate course that took place between January 18th and 20th. This was possible thanks to the collaboration between DTI Foundation and KNOS (Kerala Network for Organ Sharing) and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of Kerala, and the funding of Eurofins.

Faculty from DTI and local experts from India gave lectures and the corresponding workshops. Dr. Marco Sacchi, from Italy, and Dr. Marián Irazábal, from Spain, gave a class about Organ Donation update in Covid times, a recently added subject given the current circumstances. Dr. Chitra P, from India, taught Death by neurological criteria alongside Spanish doctor Ignacio Martínez. Dr. Núria Masnou, who talked about Breaking bad news and family approach, complemented with Dr. Raman Muraleedharan’s contribution.

Kerala Online course

The main goal of the TPM intermediate online course was providing knowledge on organ donation to healthcare professionals, while empowering detection of potential donors and, thus, increasing the donation rates.

Kerala is a state in the south-eastern region of India, with a population of approximately 35 million people. Kerala has been fighting against bad practice in deceased organ donation observed in other states in India. KNOS’s aim is to specialize their healthcare professionals in the deceased organ donation process to change these tendencies and start walking towards an organ donation and transplantation system that contributes to improving the  quality of life of its population.

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1st TPM online course in KSA launched in December 2020

DTI Foundation and Saudi Center for Organ Transplantation (SCOT) are implementing a project to train healthcare professionals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) with the goal to improve and consolidate its deceased organ donation program.

KSA is facing a challenge in this field and during the past two years they have been developing pilot programs to establish quality indicators that would improve organ donation rates.

This project will include 4 TPM intermediate courses from September 2020 to June 2021 and train professionals from across the KSA. Furthermore, to reinforce the organ donation programs, the project contemplates the organization of local seminars specially aimed at policy makers and non-health care professionals.

1st KSA online course

The first TPM course was delivered online from 14th to 16th of December involving around 50 ICU doctors, transplant coordinators and nurses from more than 30 different hospitals. An interactive and dynamically designed program was led by a renowned group of experts from Spain, Italy, Croatia and Belgium and local faculty from KSA.

The training explored fundamental aspects of organ donation and transplantation including donor detection and evaluation, brain death diagnosis, donor management, family approach, organ recovery and allocation, deceased organ donation in KSA and latest updates on organ donation in times of COVID-19.

First live broadcast of DCD simulation

On the 30th of November DTI Foundation performed for the first time a live broadcast simulation from the new DTI office located in Sabadell, Barcelona area.

Simulation on both uncontrolled and controlled DCD took place for 3 hours within the framework of the 17th edition of the International Master in Donation and Transplantation of Organs, Tissues and Cells, certified by the University of Barcelona, and the Organ Procurement online course, certified by DTI Foundation.

DCD Live Simulation

28 attendees from all over the world had the opportunity to follow the live lecture with full interaction including a final debate led by a team of 5 experts: Dr Ángel Ruiz, Dr David Paredes and Alberto Villamor, RN, from Hospital Clinic of Barcelona; Dr Eva Oliver from Hospital Bellvitge; and Dr Marián Irazabal from DTI Foundation.

The new set

They performed a lecture including a multitasking broadcast such as describing theDCDs procedures, hands-on demonstration over mannequin and images displaying.

This methodology was a success and will continue to be implemented in other simulations offered by DTI Foundation.

VR immersive methodology in DTI training

In collaboration with Immersium Studio, DTI has developed an immersive learning app that allows to practice a family interview within the organ and tissue donation process. Through a virtual reality platform, bad news are delivered and consent to donation is requested as part of the main steps of this process.

The students of the first edition of the International Workshop in Family Approach for Organ Donation were the first to experience this immersive exercise which took place from December 1st to 4th.

The experience is carried out with a “card-board” virtual reality device in which the participant is immersed in a 360º environment. During the development of the sequence, a specific role is assigned to each participant while being presented with several options that allow the student to choose the way to conduct the interview.

These choices will also have an impact on the reactions that families might have and the challenge is to achieve all the objectives of the activity at the same time, acquiring the communication skills, tools and strategies required to face a complex conversation successfully following a systematic methodology to finally obtain consent to organ and tissue donation.

Quality Indicators in the Organ Donation Process


DTI Foundation co-hosted the Workshop: ‘Quality Indicators in the Organ Donation Process’ organized by CENATRA (National Transplant Centre) and CETOT (State Organ and Tissue Transplantation Council of Jalisco), Mexico. The event was held in the framework of its XVIII National Congress of Organ and Tissue Procurement, Donation and Transplantation.

The objective of the Workshop was for the participants to learn how to identify, measure and analyse KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) of the organ donation process, which will allow to improve donation processes and increase the transplant rates. 

Participants on Zoom session of Quality Workshop Mexico

Almost a hundred people from all over Mexico participated in the event. Doctors, surgeons, psychologists, nurses, nutritionists, nephrologists, transplant coordinators and many other specialists from nearly 50 Mexican centres of 10 different cities.

The workshop was officially certified by TPM Transplant Procurament Manegament. It was taught by Dr Araceli Cisneros Villaseñor and Dr Carlos A. Mata Martínez of CETOT; Dr Reginaldo Boni, Professor of TPM and Coordinator of the OPO (Organ Procurement Office) in Brazil; Dr María Paula Gómez, TPM Professor and Executive Director of DTI Foundation and Dr Núria Masnou, TPM Professor and Transplant Coordinator of the Josep Trueta Hospital in Girona, Spain.

Patient Talks

DTI Community organizes monthly Patient Talks, a series of monographic webinars with the aim to engage with transplant patients. Here we share initiatives of patient’s associations in different countries, testimonies about life after a transplant, as well as doctors speaking about specific topics.

So far, we have talked about “Best practices in organ donation and transplantation from the patient’s point of view”, “The role of patient associations in organ donation and transplantation”, “MOD: a new type of advocacy to increase organ donation in Sweden”, “The value of sport and physical activity”, “Response to COVID-19 in a dialysis centre in Castellón region” and “Possibilities after a transplant”. 79 attendees have already registered to our past talks, what are you waiting for?

If you could not attend, don’t worry because you will be able to find the recordings in the “Patients” section of DTI Community.

We are currently working in the calendar for this season’s Patient talks:

  • “How Portugal reached 34 pmp”, scheduled for November 20th.
  • “Por qué una Asociación de enfermos o pacientes”, scheduled for December 17th (talk in Spanish language).

Save the dates!

TEODOR, the most recent European project on training in organ donation and transplantation

TEODOR: Transeuropean Educational initiative in Organ Donation and Transplantation is an Erasmus+ project funded by the European Commission under the program KA2 – Strategic partnerships in the field of education and training.

This project will be developed between 2020 and 2023, aiming at designing and piloting a new and innovative training programme on organ donation and transplantation for physicians & relevant healthcare personnel from Latvia, Czech Republic, and Lithuania. The training will be implemented with the support of Spain and Sweden, given their expertise in organ donation and transplantation.


  • Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital, Latvia (Leader)
  • Fakultní nemocnice Královské Vinohrady, Czech Republic
  • National Transplant Bureau under the Ministry of Health, Lithuania
  • University of Latvia, Latvia

TEODOR will address Key Professionals from:

  • For organ and tissue donation, the Key Donation Professionals (KDPs) will include healthcare personnel from Intensive Care Units, Emergency Departments, Neuro-critical wards, organ donor/transplant coordinators
  • For organ transplantation, the Key Transplantation Professionals (KTPs) Immunologists, transplant surgeons, internal medicine specialists managing the transplant patient before and after the surgical procedure such as nephrologists, hepatologists, cardiologists, pneumonologists, etc.

The project will last 36 months and will implement the following activities:

  1. Data analysis before and after TEODOR educational intervention, with the aim to evaluate the programme impact on learners’ knowledge and their clinical performance after the training implementation.
  2. Design and implement a Train the Trainers (TxT) programme targeting all the future trainers to be involved in the TEODOR training programme
  3. To design and implement the TEODOR modular multilevel blended training. Two modules for Donation Professionals and Transplantation Professionals will be designed following a multi-level pattern:
    1. LEVEL 1. BASIC.  This first level aims to engage and motivate the TEODOR learners
    1. LEVEL 2. INTERMEDIATE. The current level will boost learning
    1. LEVEL 3. ADVANCED. The third level aims at reinforcing what has been learnt and facilitate its transfer to the clinical setting.

More information coming soon!

DTI Foundation in the TTS 2020 Congress

During September 13th to 16th, DTI Foundation joined the first virtual edition of The Transplantation Society-TTS congress.

Our team was really busy during this event presenting abstracts, posters and attending virtual conferences lively from all over the world. Here are the main activities we were involved those days.

Co-organizing with TTS the Networking sessions:

  • “Deceased Organ Donation in COVID Times”; this session count with the participation of key organ donation and transplant leaders worldwide and at the same time it was possible to present the  IDOTCOVID database,   the International Database on Organ Donation and Transplantation-COVID19 that will assist transplant clinicians with their medical decisions on transplant patients covid+.    
  • The MENA, Middle East and North of Africa session gathered 121 participants from more than 10 countries of the area. It was explained what the current situation of donation in these countries is and what are the most important points to develop the donation. The conclusion is that as this region will grow a lot in the future (more than 500 million people) and will have a high demand for organs for transplantation, it is very important to develop systems that would handle this situation.
  • “New technologies applied to organ donation”, the objective was to offer to the organ donation and transplant network an up-to-date session regarding how new technologies could assist their daily work. Twenty institutions from around the world participated in the session as panellists. The following topics were covered during the networking session: telemedicine platforms, management software. Database & Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and novelties in machines perfusions.

One of these new technologies is the electronic consultancy platform I-DTI, an online tool that allows knowledge exchange between healthcare professionals related to organ donation and transplantation. It was launched internationally at the congress and the preliminary results of implementation of the i-DTI beta version were presented during the Education abstract session. I-DTI is offering a free access until December 2020 to support to the health care professionals during the COVID-19 global situation.  More info: https://www.i-dti.com/

More abstracts were presented such as the European Project ODISSeA (Organ Donation Innovative Strategies for Southeast Asia) as well as the work done regarding the ISO Quality Certification for a Hospital-Based Organ Procurement Unit-The United Arab Emirates Experience, and Implementation Results of the First Hospital-Based Organ Procurement Unit in Kerala (India).

Sisters despite pandemics: Two TTS-ISN projects going on virtually

We miss our regular picture in front of the ISN booth at the congress but we are still with enthusiastic and hard working with our partners in Philippines and Sri Lanka.

The Sister program level A with Philippines, Southern Philippines Medical Center, is going on despite COVID pandemics, reinforcing knowledge and expertise exchange through I-DTI platform and online courses in a virtual way. Webinars, courses and clinical cases debates have been some of our activities, but we are looking forward to restart professional exchanges!

With Sri Lanka, Sri Jayawardenapura General Hospital’s, we have started level C to reinforce the current programs of kidney transplant and organ procurement but also to contribute on the implementation of pancreas transplant program. In this first stage COVID hasn’t interfere too much but we are looking forward to meeting both teams soon!

A new 100% online edition for our historical International Master’s degree on donation and transplantation of organs, tissues and cells.

The new version that allows anyone, anywhere to pursue our University of Barcelona Master’s degree has been presented in the congress. Our wish is to break borders and pandemics with innovative and immersive experiences. We have been working hard on it and hope that the new participants this year will enjoy it as much as we have done it designing it! We will keep you updated!

DTI Challenge Game: using gamification in the TTS congress to learn and play

DTI foundation, together with Compettia/Atririvity Co., have designed an App that allows participants to challenge each other through organ procurement, transplantation and COVID questions and was highly interactive during the congress. Participants can train, learning and having fun at the same time!

The winner has been Dr. Manuel Enrique Núñez Duarte from Colombia and he has won an online course. CONGRATULATIONS!

We have enjoyed with this experience and we are working on finding the way to make you enjoy it too!