3 February, 2021

Webinar on Organ Perfusion Systems

To say goodbye to the first month of 2021, the DTI Community, together with the Hospital Clinic and the University of Barcelona, ​​organized a new international webinar. This time the topic was “Organ perfusion systems: a solution for the future”.

For this webinar, we had the pleasure of having Dr. Pedro Moreo from EBERS Medical Technology S.L. and Mr. Francesc Gahete from XVIVO Perfusion AB. Moderated by our director of the Tissue and Cells Unit Mr. Estephan Arredondo, the webinar addressed the present and future of organ perfusion systems as  innovative techniques to increase the availability of organs for transplantation.

More than 50 people from different parts of the world joined this webinar and had a firsthand view of the latest achievements and future challenges of perfusion systems.

The great advantage of perfusion machines over static perfusion methods is that, not only do they  keep the organ in good condition, but they can help improve some of its parameters. In addition, extending the maintenance time of the organs facilitates a better organization of the donation and transplantation process.The speakers explained the process of development of their devices and different components that allow to maintain and improve the state of each organ. They also  talked about the time of use validated by each machine, as well as the clinical trials and accreditations they had carried out.

This webinar can be consulted at DTI Community website