9 December, 2020

VR immersive methodology in DTI training

In collaboration with Immersium Studio, DTI has developed an immersive learning app that allows to practice a family interview within the organ and tissue donation process. Through a virtual reality platform, bad news are delivered and consent to donation is requested as part of the main steps of this process.

The students of the first edition of the International Workshop in Family Approach for Organ Donation were the first to experience this immersive exercise which took place from December 1st to 4th.

The experience is carried out with a “card-board” virtual reality device in which the participant is immersed in a 360º environment. During the development of the sequence, a specific role is assigned to each participant while being presented with several options that allow the student to choose the way to conduct the interview.

These choices will also have an impact on the reactions that families might have and the challenge is to achieve all the objectives of the activity at the same time, acquiring the communication skills, tools and strategies required to face a complex conversation successfully following a systematic methodology to finally obtain consent to organ and tissue donation.