30 January, 2020

VI International Workshop on Uncontrolled and Controlled DCD

The VI International Workshop on Uncontrolled and Controlled DCD, organized by Aula Clinic, Hospital Clinic and DTI Foundation has recently been held in Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, Spain. The two full days of activities included clinical cases and lectures related with practices regarding the results of transplantation for organs like kidney, liver, lung and heart.

The 42 participants from 13 countries also attended four workshops including organ recovery in animal lab, created with the aim of better understanding the best practices performed in DCD around the world. These professionals have been taught about how this organ donation system for transplantation works in different countries in Europe and new proposals have been made for further improvement.

DCD now contributes to 24% of deceased donors in Spain so local speakers, together with experts from England and Italy shared with the audience their experience, progresses, discussing about solutions for obstacles, concerns, and possible actions to go forward.

The participants are very satisfied with the course underlining the importance of the new expertise acquired in the fields of uncontrolled and controlled DCD.