23 April, 2021

Transplant Procurement Management Manual

DTI Foundation and its educational branch TPM published last year the 4th edition of the Transplant Procurement Management Manual (TPM Manual). As in Spain we celebrate the National Book Day and Sant Jordi on the 23rd of April we wanted everyone to know more about it and to have access to buy it.

TPM was launched in 1991 under the auspice of the “Organización Nacional de Transplantes” (ONT) and the “Universitat de Barcelona” (UB). Since then, we have been teaching healthcare professionals through different courses to allow them to know more about organ donation and transplantation. This manual is a key point to those courses. It has a wide range of knowledge created by our team of international experts to allow participants and alumni to keep the information in a manual which they can reach whenever they have doubts or questions about the donation or transplantation process.

TPM Manual Cover

For the TPM and the DTI family we want to make sure that you have access to our TPM Manual. You just need to send an email to infodti@dtifoundation.com and request information about the TPM Manual in hard cover or e-book edition.

Today, more than 15.000 people have completed TPM courses and are helping hospitals, countries and societies in the organ donation and transplantation process. Our aim is to help hospitals and countries to increase their donation rates.