Self-Study online course in Organ Donation

This course includes all the organ procurement related phases and aims at introducing the healthcare professionals in training stage into the field of organ donation. The course is a self-study training program, available all year round, for any pocket, anytime and anywhere, and opens the door to further possibilities of learning.

It is available in English, French and Spanish.


To provide health care professionals with the basic knowledge and competencies required in each of the steps of organ donation.

Addressed to

Healthcare professionals interested to acquire a solid basis in organ donation and willing to further build their knowledge and competences in the field.


Deceased donation (after brain death)

1. Donor Detection System

  • Donation Process
  • Donor Detection and Evaluation

2. Brain Death Diagnosis

  • Concepts and Definition
  • Diagnosis of Brain Death

3. Donor Management and Organ Viability

  • Donor Management
  • Organ Viability

4. Family approach for Organ Donation

  • Breaking Bad News
  • Request for Organ Donation

5. Organ retrieval, organization, preservation and allocation criteria

  • Recovery and Preservation of Organs
  • Organ Allocation Criteria

6. Donation after circulatory death

  • Uncontrolled DCD
  • Controlled DCD

Living donation

  1. General aspects of living donation
  2. Kidney and liver living donation
  3. Living donor registries

Educational Methodology

The online self-study education modality employed involves the development of a flexible and interactive online learning action, promoting a continuous building of knowledge and development of skills.

The course curriculum will be available throughout the online training program, and will be structured in topics for a better assimilation of the key concepts.

Pre-course evaluation along with self-assessing individual activities and final evaluation will enable participants to demonstrate the systematic application of the knowledge acquired.

Academic Qualification

The online self-study program amounts to 5 ECTS accredited by TPM – Universitat de Barcelona (UB).

The course is part of the TPM educational modular structure composed by different training itineraries that may end up with a Masters’ degree.

Registration and Course Fee

300 €

Fee reduction will be applied for 2 or more participants from the same institution.