Leadership, Quality, Management and Innovation in Donation & Transplantation

This training program offers the opportunity to acquire management and leadership skills that enables participants to provide optimal cost-effective services within a framework of quality and safety measures.


To provide the skills required to efficiently organize, manage
and evaluate an organ procurement or transplant program.

To explore the distinct skills and roles required for a successful
transplant program and the interpersonal leadership
competences required for ensuring a seamless collaboration.

To promote the implementation and assessment of quality and
safety measures in order to increase organ donation and

Addressed to

Responsible persons of national, regional or local procurement
organizations and transplant programs.


  • Organ procurement and transplant programs organization:
    Best practice models
  • Management & leadership
  • Teambuilding & empowerment
  • Optimal cost-effective measures
  • Engaging your staff: working with and through others
  • Quality programs, quality indicators, standards and auditing
    in organ donation and transplantation
  • Incorporating skills into practice

Educational Methodology

The e-learning method involves the development of a flexible and
interactive online learning action, promoting a continuous building
of knowledge and development of skills. The course curriculum will
be available throughout the online training program, and will be
structured in topics for a better assimilation of key concepts.

Synchronous and asynchronous activities, with academic support at
every step, will enable participants to demonstrate the systematic
application of the knowledge acquired.

Live lectures delivered by experts in the field will provide an
opportunity for deeper learning and guarantee learners´ interaction
and engagement.

The working language is English.

Registration and Course Fee

Registration request submissions can be performed using our registration form below or contact infodti@dtifoundation.com

Online course fee:
Early-bird fee: 1250 € by February 15th 2023
Regular fee: 1500 €

Length and Calendar

Online course: 6th March – 2nd April 2022