Leadership, Quality and Management in Organ Procurement & Transplantation

This training program offers the opportunity to acquire management and leadership skills that enables participants to provide optimal cost-effective services within a framework of quality and safety measures.


Provide managers of national, regional and local organ recovery organizations with the skills required to efficiently organize, manage and evaluate a transplant area.

Explore the skills and roles required for a successful donation program and the interpersonal leadership competences necessary to ensure a seamless collaboration.

Develop teamwork and collaboration strategies.

Promote the implementation and assessment of quality and safety measures in order to increase organ and tissue donation.

Addressed to

Professionals wishing to empower the organ recovery programs, analyse and develop an overall strategic plan to increase organ and tissue donation in a determined area focusing on human, material and financial resources, as well as on marketing strategies.


  • Improving practices in organ donation
  • Development of hospital transplant programs
  • Organ procurement cost and investment
  • Quality management
  • Management, leadership and team building: incorporating skills into practice

Educational Methodology

The course program is highly interactive and consists in two parts: on-line and face-to-face.

The on-line module provides the participants with the theoretical concepts related to leadership, management and quality control systems concerning donation programs.

The face-to-face course puts into practice the acquired knowledge through practical simulations, case studies and outdoor training.

The working language is English.

Course Fee


Early bird-fee 1400 € by January 3rd 2020

Regular fee 1600 €


Length and Calendar

Online course: 3rd February- 1st March 2020
Face-to-face course: 2nd – 4th March 2020 (Barcelona)