2766 TPM Members

Have participated in TPM Training Programs and DTI Projects.

TPM & DTI have had an active presence since 1997 – 2017.

The TPM training programs implemented have skilled up the healthcare professionals.

The courses developed have been the following:

  • 12 Introductory Courses in Transplant Procurement Management
  • 19 Intermediate Courses in Transplant Procurement Management
  • 37 Advanced Courses in Transplant Procurement Management
  • 4 International Forums
  • 4 Master Editions

In addition to the TPM Training programs, DTI has executed projects in Organ Donation and Transplants in association with local public and private organizations.

Up to now, the projects carried out are:

  • The EUDONORGAN project is a service contract awarded by the European Commission, on the initiative of the European Parliament. It aims to develop and implement two types of activities at EU level, focusing on training and social awareness for increasing organ donation in the European Union and neighbouring countries.
  • SEUSA (Puglia)
  • ODEQUS is a European Project co-funded by the Executive Agency for Health and Consumers. The aim of the Project is to define a methodology to assess the organ procurement performance in the hospitals.
  • ETPOD. The ETPOD project designs and validates a professional European Training Program on Organ Donation at different involvement levels to contribute to increase organ donation knowledge, to maximize the impact in the growth of organ donation rates and to raise donation consciousness.