30 May, 2019

DTI Community campaigns to sponsor training in organ donation

DTI Community is a worldwide community of ambassadors, alumni, friends and volunteers engaged to increase awareness and volunteer and philanthropic commitment to Donation and Transplantation Institute (DTI).

More than 15.000 TPM alumni from all five continents have enrolled in the Transplant Procurement Management courses that DTI offers. DTI Community promotes equality of access and opportunity for organ donation and transplantation. We are committed to bring the best practices in this field to under-resourced countries, because we believe that together we are stronger. For this purpose last year we created a crowdfunding campaign called “Save 1 million lives”.

So far, two students have been granted with a  scholarship that allowed them to come to Barcelona to be trained at the TPM Advanced Courses (Spanish and English) and in an  internship at the Transplant Coordination offices in Hospital Clinic and Hospital Bellvitge. Dr. Oeding, from Barranquilla, Colombia, is an Intensive Care doctor and has already planned out a strategy alongside transplants coordinators from the region to start implementing the best practices in organ donation and transplantation. Dr. Panche, from Goa, India, has been named Regional Transplant Coordinator short after graduating from the TPM course.

You can help us to fund more scholarships through our project on Global Giving. Thanks to your contribution we can achieve great changes in those countries that need to develope a new system or to improve the existing one. You could benefit by contacting info@dticommunity.org.

Every single donation helps towards the goal of saving lives!