27 November, 2017

Sharing international experience on organ donation in Davao, Philippines

Exactly one year later the Philippine delegation, composed by Dr. Francisco E. Sarmiento III, Dr. Benita Padilla and Dr. Maria Theresa Bad-Ang attended the International TPM course in Barcelona in 2016, the first official DTI visit to Philippines has taken place in Davao. The DTI team was composed of Dr. Carmen Pantis, Dr. Sara Alcantara, Dr. Jaume Revuelto, Dr. Daniela Ledo and Dr. Chloë Ballesté.


During the visit, the DTI experts have been tremendously busy! Dr. Bad-Ang arranged outstanding meetings with: the regional Department of Health, Dr. Abdullah Dumama, Regional Director and Dr. Jojo Sinandoling Secretary of Health for ARMM; the Davao Ethical Committee and the Davao Medical Society.

One day visit to the South Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) was conducted by Dr. Bad-Ang’s team and a special ceremony to celebrate the 2nd year of the ISN Sister Hospital Program between SPMC and University of Barcelona.



On the 22nd November it started the 1st Intermediate TPM course in the Philippines with 40 participants from all over the country that finished successfully on the 24th. Our team has been able to share the Spanish model of organ donation system and its adaptation to different regions of the world. The experience of Dr. Pantis who has adapted the Spanish system in her hospital in Oradea reaching donation rates similar to the Spanish ones, has been inspiring for the audience.

Photo grup Oficial - stamps

We would like to thank to the organizational team in Philippines for their great enthusiasm and hospitality during the preparation and acomplishment of this 1st course!