Quality Control and Auditing

Criteria, indicators, Standards of best practice on organ donation process

ODEQUS is a Quality System for Organ Donation Process. It comprises Quality Criteria of best practices and Quality Indicators for Donation after Brain Death, Donation after Cardiocirculatory Death and Living Donation.

The quality system is based on the principles of good practices, ensuring that the quality and safety of the organs and services are provided and maintained.

Applying ODEQUS quality system at hospital level, allows standardizing the organ donation process, evaluate the organ procurement performance and defining strategies to enhance the efficiency of organ procurement and transplantation systems.

It also provides tools to make internal audits and perform evaluations, which are afterwards analyzed by international experts whom provide a quality plan with corrective measures for the system improvement.



Knowledge and tools to manage the methodology

The implementation of the ODEQUS system in a center requires specific training for using and implementing the quality system. This training is directed to all professionals involved in the process; responsible of collecting and analyzing the data in the center.

Medical Staff Seated In Circle At Case Meeting

Initial evaluation

Diagnosis of the current situation

A retrospective study of the deceased and living donation activity of the center in the last 12 months is performed to define a tailor-made improving plan. This study uses the ODEQUS indicators selected to collect the data and afterwards analyze the obtained results.

Meeting Of Doctors

Improvement plan design

Corrective measures to improve the system

The improvement plan is developed form specialized working groups. These working groups will design the corrective measures in concordance with the results obtained after the initial evaluation.

Healthcare Workers Having a Meeting

Improvement plan implementation

Implementation of the corrective measures

The local team will implement the designed plan. The implementation will be monitored from the experts during the first 12 months.  Corrective measures for specific activities will be applied taking into consideration the local situation and characteristics.


Final evaluation

Study of the results obtained

This study aims to check the accuracy of the application of corrective actions. During this step will be collected and analyzed the data obtained during the implementation period.
For such actions will be used the same set of ODEQUS indicators as selected for the initial evaluation. The results will be discussed and finally presented in terms of recommendations.

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