9 November, 2018

Save 1 million lives

We’re still working to achieve our goal From the 8th to the 12th of April, the Campaign will take place on Global Giving. It’s time to prove that small actions can make big change!!

Currently, less than 10% of the necessary transplants in the world are performed. Part of the problem is the health professionals do not have specific training in donation and transplantation organs. For this reason, the DTI Foundation trains experts from all over the world in this area of knowledge.

This month the DTI Foundation through the Executive Director, Dr. Maria Paula Gómez, visited India to advise local experts in organ donation and transplant. The donor rate in India is around 0.34 donors per million population, very far from the ideal rates found in other countries.

India needs help to train its professionals in organ donation and transplantation. You can also help to improve the quality of life for thousands of people in India. Through the Save 1 million lives campaign with 2 minutes of your time, and €1 a month, the DTI Foundation will offer training grants to doctors and nurses from developing countries.