4 December, 2020

Quality Indicators in the Organ Donation Process


DTI Foundation co-hosted the Workshop: ‘Quality Indicators in the Organ Donation Process’ organized by CENATRA (National Transplant Centre) and CETOT (State Organ and Tissue Transplantation Council of Jalisco), Mexico. The event was held in the framework of its XVIII National Congress of Organ and Tissue Procurement, Donation and Transplantation.

The objective of the Workshop was for the participants to learn how to identify, measure and analyse KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) of the organ donation process, which will allow to improve donation processes and increase the transplant rates. 

Participants on Zoom session of Quality Workshop Mexico

Almost a hundred people from all over Mexico participated in the event. Doctors, surgeons, psychologists, nurses, nutritionists, nephrologists, transplant coordinators and many other specialists from nearly 50 Mexican centres of 10 different cities.

The workshop was officially certified by TPM Transplant Procurament Manegament. It was taught by Dr Araceli Cisneros Villaseñor and Dr Carlos A. Mata Martínez of CETOT; Dr Reginaldo Boni, Professor of TPM and Coordinator of the OPO (Organ Procurement Office) in Brazil; Dr María Paula Gómez, TPM Professor and Executive Director of DTI Foundation and Dr Núria Masnou, TPM Professor and Transplant Coordinator of the Josep Trueta Hospital in Girona, Spain.