SeeLife project aims to improve knowledge, skills and professional competences in Organ Donation and Transplantation in Bulgaria and Latvia, setting the bases for best practices in alignment with the EU directives.

The project targets healthcare professionals at university level, as well as physicians already specialized or in training from critical care medicine, emergency and recovery units, neurologists, neuro surgeons, transplant surgeons and transplant physicians.


  1. To design, develop and implement a two level training program in Organ Donation and Transplantation for healthcare professionals in Bulgaria and Latvia. The project aims at improving the quality and relevance of the continuous education in the field and, strengthening the European society of medical professionals involved in the Organ Donation and Transplantation process.
  2. To ensure the program sustainability through a professional network in Organ Donation and Transplantation, to be constituted with the participation of universities and other allied institutions, regional, national and international bodies.


The project methodology covers the following steps:

  1. Define five Target Areas (TAs) within Bulgaria and Latvia. TAs were selected according to the following criteria: to have at least 1 donor hospital and 1 transplant hospital, covering a population over 300.000 inhabitants.
  2. Perform a diagnosis study in the TAs defined. The diagnosis study analyzed the organ donation and transplantation activity in the partner countries, the current existing educational programs, the professional needs and interest in continuous education in the field as well as access to internet and digital literacy.
  3. Develop academic and scientific contents for the two level training program, in accordance with the European Space for Higher Education guidelines (ECTS).
  4. Implement the training program in II Phases:
  • Phase I: Learn to Teach. A total of 10 healthcare professionals from Bulgaria and Latvia will be trained to become trainers and coordinators in Phase II. Blended learning methodology, including on-line and face to face sessions, will be used.
  • II Phase: National Seminar. A total of 15 national seminars in Organ Donation and Transplantation will be organized in the selected TA, with a total of 375 beneficiaries.


Promotor: Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment and Emergency Medecine Pirogov, Sofia, Bulgaria

Partner 1: Universitat De Barcelona (UB), Barcelona, Spain

Partner 2: Donation & Transplantation Institute (DTI), Barcelona, Spain

Partner 3: Paula Stradina Kliniska Universitates Slimnica As, Riga, Latvia