19 October, 2020

Patient Talks

DTI Community organizes monthly Patient Talks, a series of monographic webinars with the aim to engage with transplant patients. Here we share initiatives of patient’s associations in different countries, testimonies about life after a transplant, as well as doctors speaking about specific topics.

So far, we have talked about “Best practices in organ donation and transplantation from the patient’s point of view”, “The role of patient associations in organ donation and transplantation”, “MOD: a new type of advocacy to increase organ donation in Sweden”, “The value of sport and physical activity”, “Response to COVID-19 in a dialysis centre in Castellón region” and “Possibilities after a transplant”. 79 attendees have already registered to our past talks, what are you waiting for?

If you could not attend, don’t worry because you will be able to find the recordings in the “Patients” section of DTI Community.

We are currently working in the calendar for this season’s Patient talks:

  • “How Portugal reached 34 pmp”, scheduled for November 20th.
  • “Por qué una Asociación de enfermos o pacientes”, scheduled for December 17th (talk in Spanish language).

Save the dates!