3rd Intermediate Transplant Procurement Management Course, Davao City 27-29th of November 2018

With a heart and drive to pursue the unfeasible dream comes the birth of the 3rd Intermediate Training Course in Transplant Procurement Management (TPM) in Davao City. It has been a 2-month marvelous journey of preparations and communication to make everything visible. And now, we could say that nothing is impossible if one believed that it is possible.

November 25, 2018, Sunday, faculty from the Transplant Procurement Management and Donation and Transplantation Institute (TPM-DTI) arrived in time for the course. The next day, a series of pre-convention conferences where made to increase awareness and broaden everyone’s network. In the morning, the 2nd Muslim Conference on Deceased Organ Donation was graced by Dr Katy Najafideh, CEO of the Iranian Society of Organ Donation. Together with other experts in the medical field and in Islam religion, they presented the different fatwa’s of the world and how will it help the Philippines come up with their own. Different perspective and comments were raised to clear doubts and misconceptions. While in the afternoon, the 2nd Mindanao Ethical Perspective on Deceased Organ Donation was held. Ethics members of the different hospitals around Mindanao was invited to join the event with the newly reconstituted National Ethics Committee headed by Dr Guia Crisostomo-Tan. Issues where lifted about formulation of national policies, the difficulties that every institution has undergone along the years and solutions to some ethical dilemma.

Following the series of events, on November 27,2018, before officially starting the 3rd TPM, an alumni homecoming was prepared for the batch 1 and 2 of the TPM graduates. It was organized to have an update with the graduates’ progress with deceased organ donation, to distribute their diploma and to strengthen linkages among the participants. Finally, around 2pm of the same day, the 3rd TPM has begun. Different persons from different regions and different societies favored to participate with the training course. During the opening ceremony, they were introduced to what has the Philippines accomplished thru the years with regards to the deceased organ donation, its ethical implications and what can the course produce thru their graduates.

On the second day of the course, participants where augmented with information and lectures to boost their knowledge and feel more confident in handling deceased donors. After going thru a series of serious discussions, the participants were treated to a fellowship dinner with a feast of Davao’s finest foods. It was also the time to celebrate for a Christmas party with games and songs which every guest enjoyed. On the final stretched of the course, different workshops where organized to evaluate the participants learnings and enable them to be experienced actual simulations.

The culmination of the course was made more meaningful with the presence of the key persons that made the dream possible. Director Criselda Abesamis (Director IV of the Department of Health), Dr Maria Theresa Bad-ang (Head, SPMC Human Advocate and Retrieval Effort/ SHARE) and Dr. Leopoldo Vega (Medical Center Chief, Southern Philippines Medical Center) with the TPM-DTI faculty awards the certificates to the graduates to signify that they have astoundingly pass the course after series of evaluations. Today, these graduates will become a part of the bigger family that TPM-DTI has and will become instrumental to the achievement of the increase in the level of deceased donors in the country. #TPMDavaoTrio #GiveLifeGoSHARE.


Moreover, seizing the occasion, Gloria Páez in representation of DTI Foundation attended to support and contribute to the legislative process on the proposed measures for the advancement of organ and tissue donation and transplantation during the Public Hearing of the of The Committee on Health and Demography of the Senate of the Philippines held on November 28th, 2018 at Senate Building, Pasay City, Philippines.

Premiere of the Documentary Trasplantando Sonrisas

Trasplantando Sonrisas presents the final version of a documentary produced by Daristoteles company. The goal is to thank to the health professionals involved in the organ donation and transplantation process, for their continous work and  thank to the society for the generosity in organ donation.

Daristoteles is the producer for the donation campaign and also has the sponsorship of Chiesi Spain.

For nine months Transplantando Sonrisas has visited 10 spanish transplant hospitals, showing the relevant information about donation and transplantation adapted to each hospital.

The documentary is a compilation of the 2.400 interviews perform throughout the project.

Patiients, donors, relative donors and health professionals from different parts of Spain. A compilation that wants to sensitize society about the importance of donating organs for transplant.

Transplantando sonrisas makes clear all the lives can change every day, thanks to health professionals and donor that make the process possible.


24th Edition Transplant Procurement Management Advanced International Course

The 24th edition of the Transplant Procurement Management Advanced International Course took place on November 12th to 16th, 2018. In this occasion we had the pleasure to welcomed 51 representatives from 20 countries:

Australia, Austria, China, Colombia, Croatia, Germany, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Lebanon, Norway, Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden and Trinidad Tobago.


There was a great variety of professional backgrounds, cross-cultural experiencies to share, lessons to learn and networking opportunities.


Interactive and enlightening conferences, hand on practical workshops, teambuilding exercises, virtual learning games and innovative technologies to enhancing organ donation were some of the core course program developed in a pleasant work environment.

National and international experts in organ donation and transplantation led the participants in their learning process while nurturing their spirit of future TMP’s.

EDTCO Pre-congress Workshop on DCD

The 27th EDTCO congress was held in Munich from the 8th until the 10th of November.

The congress offered a Pre-Congress Workshop on DCD the 8th of November and TPM-DTI collaborated in the organization of the workshop along with Hospital Clinic and the University of Barcelona. The workshop included lectures and simulation in both uncontrolled and controlled DCD, 20 participants from several European countries and different professional profiles attended it.

Our team was also present at the congress. One oral presentation, 4 minioral presentations, and one e-poster were presented. Moreover, there was a TM-DTI stand in the Congress venue, in where we were able to meet our colleagues, partners in collaboration projects, former students of TPM trainings and Master programs.

Save 1 million lives

We’re still working to achieve our goal From the 8th to the 12th of April, the Campaign will take place on Global Giving. It’s time to prove that small actions can make big change!!

Currently, less than 10% of the necessary transplants in the world are performed. Part of the problem is the health professionals do not have specific training in donation and transplantation organs. For this reason, the DTI Foundation trains experts from all over the world in this area of knowledge.

This month the DTI Foundation through the Executive Director, Dr. Maria Paula Gómez, visited India to advise local experts in organ donation and transplant. The donor rate in India is around 0.34 donors per million population, very far from the ideal rates found in other countries.

India needs help to train its professionals in organ donation and transplantation. You can also help to improve the quality of life for thousands of people in India. Through the Save 1 million lives campaign with 2 minutes of your time, and €1 a month, the DTI Foundation will offer training grants to doctors and nurses from developing countries.

DTI Foundation obtained the ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate

Donation and Transplantation Institute has been certified with the ISO 9001: 2015.

Our target is to make quality as a basic element in the culture of our foundation. Through an efficient management with our collaborators, the training of our personnel as a safeguard of the continuous improvement, the permanent innovation of our processes and to proceed ethically in order to establish relationships based on trust and cooperation.

The implementation of the quality policy by all members of the Foundation is contributing to transform DTI as international center of excellence, to improve the society’s quality of life.

First Intermediate Training Course in Mexico

Querétaro, México has hosted for the first time a Training Course in Transplant Procure Management (TPM) from October 17 to 19 within the National Congress of the Mexican Transplant Society.

A team of International DTi experts from Brazil and Spain, joined by a group of excellent local experts, had the opportunity to enhance the knowledge and expertise of the 50 healthcare professionals, mainly surgeons working as transplant coordinators from the most important hospitals in Mexico.

The training covered the main concepts and procedures of the donation process focusing on the needs identified with the local team. Lectures, discussions and onsite simulations were the core components of the training program working as a perfect platform for knowledge-exchange and experience-sharing.

We would like to give specials thanks to Dr. José Salvador Aburto Morales, Director of the National Transplant Organitzation and Dra. Josefina Alberú Gómez, President of the Transplant Mexican Society for their kind, professional and warm welcome in Mexico.

2nd Intermediate TPM Training Course in Davao City, Philippines

In 2016, TPM-DTI, the University of Barcelona and Southern Philippines Medical Center engaged in partnership under the Sister Transplant Center program.  Thru the partnership, the first Transplant Procurement Management in the Philippines was made a reality in 2017. With the drive to promulgate more positive results, TPM 2018 was pushed thru with the help of the Department of Health Region 11 of the Philippines.

On September 12, 2018, Wednesday, was the official opening of the training course in Southern Philippines Medical Center with the presence of Dr. Annabelle P. Yumang, Officer-in-Charge of the Department of Health Region XI and Mr. Ricardo Justol of Southern Philippines Medical Center. Also present during the activity was the president of the different societies, medical practitioners, executive directors and the experts from the TPM-DTI foundation.

Afterwards, a tour in the Intensive Care Units and Emergency Room was organized to dissect and recommend new innovations that could help improve the system of the organization.

Following the agenda, a meeting on the Philippine Ethical Perspective on Deceased Organ Donation with the different ethics members of Mindanao was organized. Issues and concerns were raised to clarify and hid the call to the central office for the establishment of the National Transplant Ethics Committee. The participants were also reminded of the new and revised Declaration of Istanbul.

The second TPM course started on the afternoon of this day. All the participants, the invited guests and the TPM faculty team started the 3-days activities of the TPM course.

The students arrived from across the country, actively participated on the learning through interactive discussions and simulations as part of the TPM methodology. Question and doubts were addressed from the participants aiming to achieve confidence in strengthening organ donation in their respective organizations.

In totality, the whole week of activities, was fruitful not only with new learnings but also with new colleagues and now family in the TPM-DTI Community. And as graduates, we hope that the collaboration between the two countries will continue to reach far more individuals towards the one common vision which is extending someone’s life thru deceased organ donation.  #GiveLifeGoSHARE #TPMDavao2018

EUDONORGAN celebrates its first social awareness event on organ donation in Warsaw, Poland, on September 14

Poltransplant (Polish Transplant Coordinating Centre) hosted the first social awareness event on organ donation in the framework of EUDONORGAN project, with the support of Slovenija Transplant and the University of Barcelona. The event was attended by 81 healthcare professionals, 8 patients and 5 journalists from Poland and neighboring countries such as Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

Representatives from the European Commission, DG HEALTH AND FOOD SAFETY (SANTE) and the Polish Ministry of Health were present, expressing their support for the initiative. 


The event addressed some of the hot topics in the field, in addition to personal testimonies given by a donor’s family, a living donor and a member of patient support group. The afternoon session was dedicated to communication and social media, which still represents a challenge in terms of effectiveness and public trust.

Well done Poltrasplant! Well done EUDONORGAN team!

Henan 1st Intermediate Training Course In Transplant Procurement Management

The 1st Intermediate Training Course in Transplant Procurement Management (TPM) was held in Zhengzhou the capital of the Henan province from the 19th till the 21st of September.

The collaboration between DTI Foundation, the Beijing Bethune Charitable Foundation and The First Affiliated University Hospital of Zhengzhou made possible the organisation of the course. Through their cooperation the healthcare professional of the Henan province will enhance their expertise in organ donation practices.

The 55 participants form the Henan province had the extraordinary opportunity of exchanging their knowledge and clinical practices with a team of international DTI experts from France, Spain, Iran and Slovenia joined by local experts. This exceptional learning experience allowed them to connect through their common passion for organ donation.