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The 18th Congress of the European Society for Organ Transplantation has taken place in Barcelona on Sunday 24th till Wednesday 27th of September.  This event has helped to put a focus on the quality of the science. Barcelona was the venue of the ESOT congress in 1989 when ESOT was an emergent European transplant community that provided solid organ transplant programs and now it has returned to Barcelona as the most important organisation in organ transplantation in Europe.

Nowadays the European Society for Organ Transplantation organizes all the activities related to European transplants. The congress wanted to redefine our knowledge of basic science and clinical concepts to improve transplantation. The discrepancy between the high demand and the shortage in organs available remains a challenge.

In the framework of the congress it was presented the project Transplanting Smiles in which DTI Community collaborates. This campaign looks forward to thanking the health care professionals involved in organ donation and transplantation for their non-stop work and the society for its generosity to donate organs. Transplanting Smiles also wants to raise awareness of the importance of organ donation and transplantation.

Trasplantando Sonrisas stand

With that objective during the congress the producers of the campaign, Daristoteles, had the opportunity to present the project to professionals of the healthcare sector. They offered them to participate sharing a smile, one of the principal objectives of the project. Furthermore the team of Daristoteles made some interviews to doctors and important charges in organ donation and transplantation with the aim, in a near future, of making a documental of their experiences to reflect their job to the society.


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EUDONORGAN training course organized by DTI Foundation, September 2017

EUDONORGAN service contract ( Training and social awareness for increasing organ donation in the European Union and neighbouring countries” 2016-2019), brings its first results! After dedicating the first 6 months of 2017 to the development of a unique and innovative training tool, the EUDONORGAN implements its training program with exceptional results.


Despite summer holidays, we received 173 applications out of which 101 participants were selected, both health care professionals and other key players involved in the organ donation process.

A total of 28 European countries were represented in the program (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, Turkey). Among them there were 51 medical doctors, 27 nurses, one medical student, eight patients and patients’ representatives (four of them transplant recipients), two journalists, eight communication experts mainly working for National Competent Authorities, two other representatives of national authorities or ministries, one manager of health care establishment and one documentalist.


The challenging training program employed a blended learning methodology, by means of webinars, online (via WebApp) and face to face training, and amounted to a maximum of 100 study hours.

During the online training, a WebApp with different routes and scenarios has been available to our participants, according to their profile. Out of the total, 97 participants joined the face to face session along with experts from six different countries: Croatia, France, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, The Netherlands. The program was highly evaluated and put the basis of a strong community of advocates in organ donation. In this regard, an EUDONORGAN Facebook group has been created where we continue to share common initiatives and future steps.


We want to acknowledge the European Parliament and the European Commission for such a unique initiative, the project partners for the ongoing effort and last but not least, the National Competent Authorities, PHA Europe (European Pulmonary Hypertension Association) and other collaborators for their valuable support during the selection procedure. Together we make a difference!

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3rd edition of the Intermediate Transplant Procurement Management Course, Nanning

The third visit of the TPM-DTI team  in the province of Guangxi China took place this September from 18th till 22nd ,  and was combine with both hospital visit and the development of the third Edition of the intermediate Transplant Procurement Management  course ,that took place in the beautiful city of Nanning. 

 The DTI-TPM team was composed by Dr. Amado Andrés, Dr. Mario Chico, Dr. David Paredes, Dr. Chloë Ballesté   and Dr. Entela Kondi; who together with the local experts Wenshi Jiang and Catherine Wong and the local director and coordinators of the course prof. Xuyong Sun and  Dr. Jianhui Dong made this event successful.


 The experts during the first two days, 18th and 19th of September, visited three hospitals in three different cities of the Guangxi province. The hospital visited were Guigang people’s hospital ; The second People´s hospital of Pignan City and The first people´s hospital of Yulin. These three hospitals are the hospitals with important activity in the donation process in the whole region.


Discussions with the health professionals and as well directors of the hospitals were made. Ideas between the experts and the local physicians were exchanged and proposals for improvement were presented.

Following the activities on 20th of September the TPM course started. 


Being this course as part of the actions of the cooperation project with the OPO of the 303 Military Hospital in Nanning, had a  particular importance in the area and the participation was very plausible. The course was welcomed also by the representative of the Organ Donation Administrative Center and other health authorities.

 Imagen351 participants coming from different hospitals in the area were granted with a TPM diploma. During the three days of course development they show high interest in following the lecturers and active participation in the workshops. The knowledge and experience the experts shared with the students, will  motivate them to be more involved in the organ donation field and to improve their daily clinical practice in their own units.

We expect this course to be effective as the previous ones and to show a great impact in terms of numbers of organs available for transplantation. Imagen6

Thanking all the organizers of the course we look forward to the next activity in Guangxi province.

2nd visit to Ireland by TPM-DTI Foundation

From the 11th to 13th of October 2017 the TPM-DTI Foundation visited Ireland for the second time. The stay at the country included a visit to selected hospitals and a training course.

They visited the Cork University Hospital (CUH), the largest university teaching hospital in Ireland. That visit had interventions of the head of the Anaesthesia department, Doctor Brian O’Brien, and the consultant in Emergency Medicine, Adrian Murphy.

ER cork 7

ER cork 5






Other of the activities included in the visit were doing the analysis of hospital data for the development of strategies to improve and increase the organ donation in CUH as well as assisting to the Organ Donation Study day course: Donation after Cardiac Death held at the Auditorium of the university.


Moreover, during the stay in Ireland, the DTI team also visited the Waterford University Hospital where they discussed with health professionals about their knowledge of the potential of donors, the actions that must be taken to activate the alert and how they feel when donation procedures have already been carried out.

Foto grupo Irlanda17


The last day in Waterford a Hospital-Bases Introductory TPM Course was held in Faithlegg Hotel conference. The participation and involvement in the course was great.


A new edition of the Erasmus Program in its European Volunteer Service (EVS) modality has started this October.  The TPM-DTI Foundation has acted again on this occasion as a host of two volunteers, from Poland and Italy, who will develop during a period of nine months the project “Training Programs and Consulting Projects in the field of Donation and Transplantation of Organ and Tissues”.   We have yet to join a third volunteer before the end of the year.


This is already the sixth edition of the EVS Program that the Foundation has been carrying out since its inception in 2013. This involves the training of more than 12 people from different European countries who have shown their willingness and commitment to enter into a volunteer program and to be involved for nearly a year in supporting the projects of our TPM-DTI Foundation in Barcelona.

DTI attends to the European Organ Donor Day

DTI Foundation participated in the EODD (European Organ Donor Day) that was held in Bern (Switzerland) on September 9th. This event was organized by Swisstransplant, and sponsored by the Council of Europe and the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & Healthcare. The EODD gathered international representatives of the organ donation and transplantation sector.
The objectives of this celebration were to discuss doubts about organ donation, to raise awareness among the population, to thank the donors and their relatives and to show appreciation to everybody working in the area of organ donation.


In addition, Dr. Manyalich participated in the Organ Donor Day held in Geneva (Switzerland) during the same day. He spoke on the Official Ceremony at the WHO Headquarter as the president of the ISODP (International Society for Organ Donation and Procurement).

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2nd Advanced Course in Kunming & SEUSA program

Group Photo 20170807 b

Last 7th of august TPM- DTI 8 international experts (USA, HK, IRAN, BRAZIL & SPAIN) traveled to kunming for the 2nd edition of TPM Advanced Course. 50 participants from ICU, Emergency and Direction departments attended the course and learned from each other experiences. They showed a lot of motivation and made this course a complete success!

2017-08-10 101942

In the meantime the Seusa program in Kunming started with the expertise of USA (Tom Mone) Brazil (Reginaldo Boni) and Spain (JM Dominguez) to contribute improving the KMOPO results by adapting and implementing tools and clinical practices from these successfull models. OPO Photo We are all excited with these promising and challenging program!



2nd TPM course in Hong Kong – August 2017

On the 14th of August 2017 we were glad to be once more in the beautiful city of Hong – Kong in where we organized the second edition of the Transplant  Procurement Management (TPM) course. At the facilities of the Multi-Disciplinary Simulation and Skills Centre at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital 40 health care professionals, physicians and nurses, were granted with the TPM Diploma.


The course lasted for three days; from 14th till 16th of August, and proved to be fully intense and the participants showed great interest in all the activities; lectures and workshops. Several questions and concrete clinical cases were asked and discussed with the TPM experts.

 It was perfectly organized by the local team of Transplant Procurement Managers of Hong Kong, leaded by Jenny Koo, and was strongly supported by the Hospital Authorities. Special thanks to the young students who helped during the course development.


 Moreover, a gala dinner was organized in where the DTI team was pleased to meet with all the main actors and policy makers at the Health Care System of the Hong Kong area.

During this dinner the experts were engaged in notable discussions on organ donation and transplantation and several formulas toward improvement in Hong Kong were proposed. Exchange of experience and possibilities for further collaboration were discussed.


 Thank you to all colleagues and friends in Hong – Kong and we look so forward to the next editions of the TPM course!

Collaborating to improve the system of transplants and donations in India

DTI Foundation visited Goan (India) in July 2017 within the framework of the Kidney Update 2017, organised by the Indian Medical Association. Our executive director of DTI Foundation Dr. María Paula Gomez has participated in the conference in order to help to set up the organ donation and transplant services in every tertiary care hospital in the State. Taking inspiration from Spain, the aim of the event has been promoting the idea of an effective organ donation and transplant system.


Furthermore the Embassy of Spain in New Delhi, in association with the National Organ & Tissue Transplant Organization and Foundation DTI Foundation, has hosted the 1st Indian-Spain Working Meeting on “Organ Procurement and Management Best Practices” in which Dr. Martí Manyalich has presented the leading practice in organ donation in Spain. This event has served to create a platform to exchange practices amongst national stakeholders in India about the organ donation practice and procurement model.


DTI Foundation also has participated in a conference about ‘Organ donation and transplantation in children’, organized by Fortis Organ Retrieval & Transplant (FORT) and Department of Paediatrics at Fortis Memorial Research Institute Gurugram, that took place the 29th of July in New Delhi.


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TPM in Iran

TPM visited Teheran (Iran) in July 2017 for the 5th time. Our international team was composed of Dr. Reginaldo Boni, Dr. Francesco Procaccio, Dr. Ceferí Soler, Dr. Martí Manyalich and Dr. Chloë Ballesté, who led an Intermediate course for 70 students and a Leadership and Quality Control course for 50 students from the 21st to the 27thof July. The Iranian Society for Organ Donation (ISOD) hosted the courses in which the organ procurement units’ professionals from of all the Iran participated actively.


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