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29 June, 2020

Cheap Valium Australia

Eurofins Foundation supports DTI’s project “Save One Million Lives”. Since 2018, this project aims to help in the creation of the deceased organ donation program in developing countries, where...
28 May, 2020

Buy Diazepam Online Canada

We are glad to share the latest initiative related to the COVID-19 pandemic situation! Thanks to our global network of collaborators we have created the IDOTCOVID registry (International Database on...
25 May, 2020

Valium Cheapest

Suitable training of healthcare professional is a key aspect to increase the organ donation and transplantation rates. I-DTI aims to implement an online consultancy platform that will allow...
29 April, 2020

Buy Valium From India

We are glad to present you the Annual Report of DTI Foundation for 2019. To know more about our activity (Educational programs; Congresses attendance; DTI Social; European and other International...
20 April, 2020

Buying Valium

In regard to the ongoing global situation around the COVID-19 virus, we have created a series of webinars under the title of: Organ donation and transplantation in the current Covid-19 situation....
20 April, 2020

Buy Cheap Diazepam From India

Due to the pandemic situation DTI Foundation and Nen Déu Fundació have rescheduled their charity concert for the next year. It will be held on June 28th at the Palau de la Música Catalana in...
20 February, 2020

Valium Mexico Online

The annual edition of the “Curso Superior Internacional en Donación y Trasplante de Órganos y Tejidos” took place from the 11th to the 13th of February. Since 1991, this has been the 30th...
6 February, 2020

Buy Msj Diazepam Uk

Our long-lasting relationship with Slovenija-transplant has resulted in the 8th TPM Intermediate course addressed to Slovenian health care professionals. Thirty-three participants have been...
30 January, 2020

Valium Canada Online

The VI International Workshop on Uncontrolled and Controlled DCD, organized by Aula Clinic, Hospital Clinic and DTI Foundation has recently been held in Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, Spain. The...