5 July, 2018

“More than words” campaign from Repsol Foundation supports our Trinidad & Tobago programme

Through its campaign “More than words”, Repsol Foundation is promoting a better quality of life for vulnerable groups, encouraging social integration and meeting the critical needs of specific communities. Among these projects it is DTI Foundation’s programme for healthcare professionals and for raising awareness in society about organ donation and transplants, with the participation of the National Organ Transplant Unit (NOTU) of Trinidad and Tobago.

It is very easy to participate within this campaign, you only have to click on the button of Training program for health professionals.  For each click it receives, Repsol Foundation will contribute €1 in aid to this project.

Do you want to know what we do in Trinidad? Watch the video below and you’ll get a glimpse!

Your vote can save many lives!!

The collaboration between REPSOL Foundation and DTI started on 2010 with the main goal of establishing the self-sufficiency in the deceased donation program and make Trinidad and Tobago a reference country in the field for the CARICOM region.