1. To raise organ donation of the world
  2. To improve society’s quality of life
  3. Support regenerative medicine.


Advise and support international public and private entities who work in the health care system to design, develop and strengthen networks, programs, services and/or research projects in the field of donation and transplantation of organs, tissues and cells; aiming to improve the quality of life of the citizens.


Be an organization with international prestige that coordinating projects and actions, contribute to meet the requirements and needs of the population in various regions of the world in terms of the donation of organs, tissues and human cells available for transplantation and research.


In the work to develop in the institute is based on the following values:

  • Transparency in our internal and external processes.
  • Excellence in our internal and external processes.
  • Solidarity with the Various groups and countries, especially with the most disadvantaged.
  • Tolerance toward the differences and diversity of the various sensibilities and demonstrations.


The objectives of the foundation are focused on the following general lines:

    • Attract talents in different fields that allow discover the needs and develop the opportunities for growth and improvement.
    • Develop ideas and projects linked to the scientific and technological projects related to the donation and transplantation.
    • Contribute to the development of regions or countries in the area of the donation and transplantation of organs, human tissues and cells.
    • Collaborate in the development of a greater number of organs, tissues and/or cells in accordance with the demand and needs of the population.
    • To ensure that their beneficiaries meet the standards of quality, technical and ethical for obtaining, processing, preservation and distribution of organs, tissues and cells addressed to the transplant human or for research.

Maintain relationship with the different health institutions of different countries where it is carried out the projects, the international associations, university hospitals, scientists and beneficiaries to take an attractive and dynamic program for the exchange of information for the better development activities.


DTI, as an international organization, seeks to improve the quality of life of society, increase donation and organ transplantation and the advance of regenerative medicine in the world. Therefore, we have developed a quality management system that guarantees that all our actions comply with the principles described below:

  • Make quality a basic element in the culture of the Foundation, involving for that purpose each and every one of the components of the organization.
  • Establish an efficient management with our collaborators, suppliers and clients in order to guarantee results and achieve common benefits for all the actors involved.
  • Innovate and adapt permanently in our teaching, consulting and research processes in a way that responds to the needs of our clients and society.
  • To train our staff as a fundamental element to ensure quality, the competence of the staff and ensure continuous improvement.
  • Act in an ethical manner with all the actors of the Foundation, establishing relationships based on trust and cooperation. Guarantee legal compliance in all our actions.