15 May, 2018

Launching of the international community of DTI Foundation

DTI Community, the new international project of DTI Foundation (Institute of Donation and Transplantation) was presented by the executive director of DTI, Dr María Paula Gómez, during  the framework of the celebration that was organized in the Parc Científic de Barcelona to commemorate the 10 years of life of DTI.

This proposal is a new community that brings together all the people and institutions that share knowledge about organ donation and transplantation. Its objective is to disseminate information about organ donation and transplantation and to promote the development of the DTI Foundation at global level.

Thus, the new initiative of DTI aims to connect students of the international training courses offered by the Foundation, the Transplant Procurement Management (TPM), with all the people and institutions interested in organ donation.


The main values ​​of the community are respect, diversity and transparency and it is composed of four different profiles of people: students, friends, volunteers and ambassadors.

In addition, this project offers great opportunities and services for its members to satisfy the diversity of interests and needs that prevail in the sector. These benefits are: publication of job offers, conducting specialized webinars with internationally recognized health professionals, publication of news and events in the field of donation and transplantation and a solidarity bag, which aims to collect funds for training purposes for healthcare professionals from around the world.

Contributes to improve other people’s lives. Join the DTI Community by registering at http://www.dticommunity.org/