19 December, 2018

ISN – TTS partnership

Since 2016 the South Philippines Medical Center (SPMSC) got into engagement with the University of Barcelona (UB), Hospital Clinic of Barcelona (HCB) and DTI foundation in the ISN-TTS Sister Transplant Centers Program; a joint partnership set up between ISN and The Transplantation Society (TTS) to develop existing Kidney Transplant programs in emerging countries. The objective is to maximize the odds of prompt donor identification, referral and management to lead in efficient organ retrieval and successful transplantation.

On the 5th to 8th of December the experts from the supporting center Dr. Fritz Diekmann, Dr. Anna Vila and Dr. Entela Kondi visited the SPMC and participated in the Post – Graduate Course in Kidney Transplantation MindaNOW organized in cooperation with the Philippines Society of Nephrologists- Mindanao chapter; supported by the ISN-TTS sister transplant center project.

The objective of the visit was to assess the hospital facilities and to discuss with the hospital staff and managers involved in the kidney transplant program. Meetings with transplant nephrologists, surgeons, anesthesiologists, ICU physicians, nurses, pharmacists were organized and information about the clinical practice and protocols were shared. Were visited also the dialysis center of the SPMC and as well as a peripheric dialysis center. During the hospital visit the experts had the chance to participate at the monthly reunion of the interns at the hospital. Moreover, a round table with the patients in dialysis and the post-transplanted patient were organized. Questions and doubts were referred to the experts from the patient and experience on living with a transplant were shared form the recipients. Additionally, the experts participated in the Case Discussion for Transplant Evaluation; the multidisciplinary committee that evaluate the Living Donor – Recipient match.

On the following two days 7-8th the Kidney Transplantation MindaNOW took place and the experts form the supporting center were actively involved in lessons and clinical case discussions with the participants. Talks about immunological assessment, immunosuppression protocols, cancer and cardiovascular risk of the transplanted patients were given by the Spanish experts, meanwhile the local experts explained about the medical assessment, work up of the living kidney donor for transplantation and surgical evaluation and post-operation of the patient.

A detailed report with recommendations and comments will be delivered to the SPMC and proposals for further initiatives will follow.