29 April, 2015

Four new people transplanted in Trinidad and Tobago: a project that gets consolidated

Since 2010, the DTI Foundation is developing in Trinidad and Tobago a project to implement, develope and consolidate the system of organ donation and transplantation in this Caribbean country. The project, which benefits the National Organ Transplant Unit (under the Trinidad and Tobago Ministry of Health) has being sponsored, from its beginnings, by Fundación Repsol.

This April, the medical and technical team that coordinates the program at Trinity has given us the good news that they have successfully made four new kidney transplants, proceeding from two donors. We greet this success, which is a reward for work well done by professionals in the country, and that will lead to improve the quality of life of transplanted people and of society in general.

Later this month, DTI´s members will visit Trinidad and Tobago, where we will present the achieved results from the beginning of the project.