16 December, 2020

First live broadcast of DCD simulation

On the 30th of November DTI Foundation performed for the first time a live broadcast simulation from the new DTI office located in Sabadell, Barcelona area.

Simulation on both uncontrolled and controlled DCD took place for 3 hours within the framework of the 17th edition of the International Master in Donation and Transplantation of Organs, Tissues and Cells, certified by the University of Barcelona, and the Organ Procurement online course, certified by DTI Foundation.

DCD Live Simulation

28 attendees from all over the world had the opportunity to follow the live lecture with full interaction including a final debate led by a team of 5 experts: Dr Ángel Ruiz, Dr David Paredes and Alberto Villamor, RN, from Hospital Clinic of Barcelona; Dr Eva Oliver from Hospital Bellvitge; and Dr Marián Irazabal from DTI Foundation.

The new set

They performed a lecture including a multitasking broadcast such as describing theDCDs procedures, hands-on demonstration over mannequin and images displaying.

This methodology was a success and will continue to be implemented in other simulations offered by DTI Foundation.