8 November, 2018

First Intermediate Training Course in Mexico

Querétaro, México has hosted for the first time a Training Course in Transplant Procure Management (TPM) from October 17 to 19 within the National Congress of the Mexican Transplant Society.

A team of International DTi experts from Brazil and Spain, joined by a group of excellent local experts, had the opportunity to enhance the knowledge and expertise of the 50 healthcare professionals, mainly surgeons working as transplant coordinators from the most important hospitals in Mexico.

The training covered the main concepts and procedures of the donation process focusing on the needs identified with the local team. Lectures, discussions and onsite simulations were the core components of the training program working as a perfect platform for knowledge-exchange and experience-sharing.

We would like to give specials thanks to Dr. José Salvador Aburto Morales, Director of the National Transplant Organitzation and Dra. Josefina Alberú Gómez, President of the Transplant Mexican Society for their kind, professional and warm welcome in Mexico.