3 May, 2018

First donation after brain death diagnosys in Manipal Hospital Goa, India

On 6th April it was performed the very first donation after brain death diagnosys in Manipal Hospital of Goa. As this was the first time for this kind of donation there were several new scenarios for the transplant team such as the creation of a green corridor for the transport of the professionals involved and the goverment permission for the procurement of the organs which was asked directly to the Health Secretary Ashok Kumar.

DTI has participated actively as consulting expert with the Goa state medical professionals in organ donation (see DTI news about Goa 2017 ). Following to the interest of the Ima Goa state, 3 professionals were trained by TPM-DTI Foundation in organ donation and transplantation.


La imagen puede contener: 3 personas, personas sentadas, tabla e interior

All 3 doctors were part of the mentioned  transplant process; Dr Amol Mahaldar did the Counseling, Dr Divya Amol was the organ retrieval surgery anesthesiologist and Dr Mahesh Panche, who was awarded with a  scholarship by Verdés Industries last year, coordinated the process as new Transplant Coordinator in Goa.


Quoting Dr. Amol Mahaldar “Hopefully other departments of Goa Medical College will swing into action soon and we can have local organ allocations. Your visit to Goa and suggesting the measures to improve brain death diagnosis and Counseling cane in most handy”.

We hopefully will be there to give you support!