27 October, 2021

European Solidarity Corps

The European Solidarity Corps (ESC), known until 2016 as European Voluntary Service (EVS), is an international volunteering program by the European Commission for young people to go individually or in teams to another country, usually from one European country to another, to work for a non-profit cause. Since 2017, the program also offers opportunities for European youth to get engaged as volunteers in their own communities.

DTI has applied for this program. Thanks to this application, during the 2021 DTI has counted with the participation of two volunteers from Poland. They have participated in two different projects for 9 months.  The main goal of the activity has been to support the development and implementation of organ and tissue training programs. The reception of the volunteers in the Foundation has allowed them to be trained both in the field of donation and transplantation and in the learning training and cooperation.