26 enero, 2017

Visiting Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Ethiopia – Addis Ababa (January 15th – 20th)

Three DTI experts from Barcelona and Girona; Dr. Marti Manyalich, Dr. Nuria Masnou and Dr. Entela Kondi have visited Ethiopia for a few days. This visit was part of the actions planned for the project «Design the methodology for building a sustainable and efficient deceased donation program» in Saint Paul’s Hospital, Addis Ababa, started on August 2016.


Together with the Spanish team in Addis was also a team from Michigan leaded by Dr. Alan Leichtman who is collaborating with the Ethiopians surgeons and nephrologists for the Kidney Living Transplantation Program.

Several meetings and visits were done during these days. The experts visited the National Transplant Center, Saint Paul Hospital, and AaBET hospital. The Intensive Care Units  and the Emergency areas of both hospitals were in the focus of the experts` visits.  Were evaluated the hospital infrastructure and were identified the needs for the establishment of the program.  Two educational sessions were held during these days; one with the physicians of AaBET hospital and the other one with the nephrologists and surgeons of the Saint Paul´s hospital. Both sessions were highly interactive and the participants engaged in discussion with the experts.


Other meetings were made with the  Saint Paul Hospital’s medical deputy provost, Dr. Berhane, the provost Dr. Zerhune and their team. During the meetings were discussed the current state of the project, shared good practices and expertise, and were established the next steps.

Needs to be highlighted the meetings held in the Ministry of Health of Ethiopia. The DTI experts met the minister of Health Professor Yifru Berhan Mitke and as well the Director General of the  Medical Service at the Ministry Dr. Daniel G/Michael.

We are happy to have the possibility to collaborate with the Ethiopian colleagues and we look forward to a successful continuity of this project!