Tissue Banking & Advanced Therapies Training Program

Course developed following the Guide to the quality and safety of tissues and cells for human application, European Committee (Partial Agreement) on Organ Transplantation, EDQM, Council of Europe.

Addressed to

  • Professionals involved in tissue, cells and advanced therapies
  • Researchers and project managers working in the field
  • Biology, Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, Pharmacy & Pharmacology specialists

Educational Methodology

Online training

The E-learning method used throughout the course promotes continuous building of knowledge and development of skills, through learning by doing methodologies. It boosts great interactivity in the learning environment created and involves the development of a flexible, interactive and bidirectional teaching and learning action.

Learning materials and resources along with practical activities are available during the course.

Academic Qualification

The training program will be awarded with a TPM diploma of 97 hours
equivalent to 10 ECTS of the International Master in Donation and
Transplantation of Organs, Tissues and Cells (University of Barcelona – UB).

The course is part of the TPM educational modular structure composed by
different training itineraries that may end up with a Masters’ degree.


Online training:

  • Tissue donor detection and selection criteria
  • Ethical and regulatory issues in tissue banking
  • Quality management in tissue banking
  • Sterilization of tissue grafts
  • Eye banking
  • Cardiovascular banking
  • Musculoskeletal banking
  • Skin banking
  • Advanced therapies
  • Stem cells and cord blood banking
  • Gamete banking
  • Tissue living donation
  • Tissue and eye banking today
  • Legal, ethical and regulatory aspects
  • Quality management
  • Traceability and biovigilance
  • Detection, identification and suitability of tissue and eye donors
  • Tissue and eye recovery and processing
  • Tissue and eye processing facilities organization and design
  • Clinical graft applications
    • Ocular and amniotic membrane
    • Skin
    • Cardiovascular
    • Musculoskeletal
  • Hematopoietic stem cells

Registration and Course Fee

Registration request submissions can be performed using our registration form below or contact infodti@dtifoundation.com

Online course fee:

Early Bird: 1250€ by February 21st 2023
Regular: 1500€

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