Organ Transplantation Training Program

This training program aims at providing the knowledge and competences needed for the successful clinical evaluation of the potential recipients of solid organs, as well as the waiting list criteria, and pre and post-transplant treatment.


– To improve participants’ knowledge on acute and chronic kidney, liver, pancreas, heart and lung failure and adequately asses referred patients for transplantation.
– To provide participants with the knowledge of the principles of pre-op preparation (bench preparation), preparation of implant site (anatomic references including variations and anomalies), as well as common intra-operative challenges and variations.
– To identify and treat post-op complications: drug side-effects, infections, rejection, complications, recurrent disease.
– To provide knowledge on the surgical procedures (organ specific) and post-operative care of living donors.
– To improve short and long term follow-up of the living donor with attention to physical and psycho-social well-being and to facilitate knowledge on living donor registries.

Adressed to

Health care professionals involved in any of the phases of the on-going organ transplantation programs.


1. General aspects:
– Immunology basics and Immunosuppression
– Infections and malignancies
– Anesthesiology (he quitado history)
2.  Organ specific: Kidney, Liver, Pancreas, Heart, Lung (orden de organos cambiado)
– Indications and Waiting List
– Organ evaluation and surgical procedure (techniques and surgical complications)
– Postoperative management and medical follow up (early/late & histopathology/radiology)
3. Living donation
– General aspects of living donation
– Kidney and liver living donation
– Living donor registries

Educational Methodology

The e-learning method involves the development of a flexible and
interactive online learning action, promoting a continuous building of
knowledge and development of skills. The course curriculum will be
available throughout the online training program, and will be structured
in topics for a better assimilation of key concepts. Synchronous and
asynchronous activities, with academic support at every step, will enable
participants to demonstrate the systematic application of the knowledge
Live lectures delivered by experts in the field will provide an
opportunity for deeper learning and guarantee learners´ interaction and

Academic Qualification

The training program will be awarded with a TPM diploma of 108
hours equivalent to 10 ECTS of the International Master in Donation
and Transplantation of Organs, Tissues and Cells (University of
Barcelona – UB).
The course is part of the TPM educational modular structure
composed by different training itineraries that may end up with a
Masters’ degree.

Course Fee

Early bird: 1250 € by December 9th 2022
Regular: 1500 €