13 enero, 2020

ODISSeA – Launch of Postgraduate Programme in Organ Donation

On January 7th 2020, the Postgraduate Programme in Organ Donation started with 303 participants from Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines and Thailand.

The aim of the Postgraduate comes from the need for a specialized training programme that builds adequate knowledge, skills and attitude in organ donation to improve the number of specialists that will efficiently coordinate the process of organ donation in these Southeast Asian countries.

During the next 9 months, the participants will be trained in through a blended methodology (online and face-to-face), including: webinars with international experts, self-study online modules, local seminars, on-the-job improvement projects, an awareness event and an international assessment seminar. The participants will count on the support of international experts in the field, as well as their local faculty, who previously completed the ODISSeA Train the Trainers programme. They will accompany and support the participants throughout the postgraduate, and will translate the theoretical knowledge to the local reality.

These participants will be the first generation to complete the Postgraduate Programme in Organ Donation certified and, equivalent to 30 ECTS.