28 diciembre, 2015

International Symposium of SIUT

The Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation of Karachi Pakistan is a model of solidarity around the world. It operates more than 1.000 transplants per year all of them financed by donations and charity. The professor Rizvi started to work in this way because of the lack of resources in the country.

It is a recognised institution in both national and international levels. For this reason, representative members from all around the world met for four days in a Congress in Pakistan. During these days we talked about transplantations and above all the great interest of the country for trying to start the corpse donation. The national situation is not easy since the instability of economy, politics and security is very weak.

Probably, through the Spanish embassy and the consul of Pakistan in Barcelona could establish collaboration for doctors from that country to learn about new technics of organ donation.

Martí Manyalich, President of TPM-DTI Foundation


Professor Naqi, Martí Manyalich and Professor Rizvi at SIUT International Symposium.