28 diciembre, 2015

Intermediate Training Course in Transplant Procurement Management

The 3rd Intermediate Training Course in Transplant Procurement Management took place at The Asia Hotel in Bangkok – Thailand, on December 2nd-4th, 2015.  The training course was developed in collaboration with the Rajavithi hospital, Department of Medical Services, Ministry of Health and Donation & Transplantation Institute (DTI). Thirty nine healthcare professionals from across the country attended the training accomplishing the learning objectives successfully. Moreover, they showed great interests in endorsing future activities to boost organ donation and transplantation development in their hospitals.

We wish to extend our particular recognitions to Dr. Suphan Srithamma, General Director of Department of Medical Services, MoPH, Dr. Sakarn Bunnag, Chairman of Subcommittee of Organ Donation and Kidney Transplant Development, MoPH, Dr. Visist Dhitavat, Director of The Thai Red Cross Organ Donation Centre coordinators and to the entire Faculty and organizing team for their excellent job.

Grupo TPM Thailand 2015