6 diciembre, 2015

Intermediate Training Course in Transplant Coordination

The Institute for Transplantation of Organs and Tissues of The Republic of Slovenia and Transplant Procurement Management (TPM) – Donation & Transplantation Institute (DTI) celebrated the 4th Intermediate Training Course in Transplant Coordination. The course was at Hotel Plesnik – Logarska Dolinaon the days 25th – 27th of November.

Thirty participants from Brežice, Celje, Jesenice, , Izola Ljubljana, Novo Mesto, Nova Gorica, Maribor, Slovenj Gradec and Murska Sobota attended the training. During these days, another meeting with most of the heads of the transplant programs was held at The University Medical Center Ljubljana (UMC) and also a meeting at the Slovene MOH.


We want to extend our particular thanks to Dr. Danica Avsec, Director of Slovenija Transplant, Dr Andrej Gadžijev, Dr Urška Kogovšek, mentors to central transplant coordinators and all the Faculty and organizing team.

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