28 septiembre, 2015

DTI Foundation visits China

DTI Foundation has visited China this August. On our second visit to the Asian country (the last was in 2002), we´ve visited six transplant centers in several cities. The visit was sponsored and organized thanks to the Vice-Minister of Chinese Transplantation, Professor Huang Jiefu, to see the current situation of donation and transplantation, since this year China has declared that they will not use more organs of people executed.


Our International Commission was formed by the Director of the Istanbul Declaration Custodian Group, Professor Francis Delmonico; by the responsable of transplants of the World Health Organization, José Ramon Núñez; and the president of DTI Foundation, Dr. Martí Manyalich. During the trip we´ve visited the Donation and Transplant Foundation in Beijing, the Red Cross, and six hospitals where they showed their situation to levels of donation and transplantation. Finally, the entire delegation of DTI and the International Committee have assisted to the OPOs Congress in Guangzhou, explaining our experiences for China to create its own model.