25 mayo, 2020

DTI Foundation presents an innovative project: I-DTI

Suitable training of healthcare professional is a key aspect to increase the organ donation and transplantation rates. I-DTI aims to implement an online consultancy platform that will allow knowledge exchange between healthcare professionals for the purpose of helping solve doubtful donation scenarios and therefore increase the donor pool.

I-DTI has an important value in supporting programs for developing countries with limited access to knowledge.

Focused on consultancy and messaging services and discuss specific scenarios with a team of recognized experts, I-DTI allows users to create and share knowledge in chat groups, upload files and discuss specific scenarios with a team of recognized experts.

More features such as chat bot are under construction and will be available in the future. Also, I-DTI is offering a free trial until September to help during the COVID-19 global situation.

Go to I-DTI’s website to learn more and sign up for free I-DTI experience!