12 julio, 2019

1st TPM course in Northern area of Philippines

After 3 motivational courses in Southern Region in the Philippines, TPM-DTI headed north to Dagupan, Luzon area. Alongside with Regional 1 Medical Center and with the institutional support of PHILNOS, the 4th Intermediate course was organized and performed with a total attendance of 40 participants from different hospitals and medical centers, mainly from the Northern Region.

For three days, from 26th to 28th June, which has been the National Kidney Month in Philippines, the group actively attended the lectures and workshops provided by TPM international experts.

Some participants expressed their willingness to get their hospitals involved in the donation-transplantation process: -“It will help me to initiate our hospital for Transplantation”. This is a comment that encourages us to follow with our training and cooperation tasks.

In order to support this program some authorities from R1MC attended the final day and delivery of certificates: Dr. Arnel Gerard R. Gazmen, the Chairperson of the Management Committee, Chief of The Professional Education and Training Services, and Department Manager of Internal Medicine, representing Medical Center Chief, Dr. Joseph Roland O. Mejia.  Also, Dr. Hilarion H. Maramba, the Research Development and Management Director and Chairperson of the Events Committee.

The organization of the course was responsibility of Dr Rehana Pallingayan, Head of the Organ Procurement Unit of the Region 1 Medical Center, Dagupan City, Pangasinan and Ms. Christy Palaganas, Nurse Supervisor and Transplant Coordinator at the same center. Also, the R1MC staff and events members portrayed an excellent job organizing and taking care of all the attendees.

The last day, the TPM experts were invited to visit Dagupan city Hospital to meet some of the local medical staff and also to visit the new building where the first cornea’s donations have been performed.