14 June, 2021

End of the International TPM Advanced Training Course (Online)

The 26th edition of the TPM Advanced International Training Course in Transplant Procurement Management ended on Friday, June 11. The course, which started on May 25, gets enrollees involved with organ and tissue donation and transplantation at an international level. This edition of the program featured 54 participants from 17 countries.

The goal of the training is to give donation and transplantation experts a space to not just learn and expand their knowledge, but also network and learn from other experts around the world. Innovative ideas on donation and transplantation gave participants information that will allow them to implement processes that can lead to better results. The online course featured an international cadre of faculty who had extensive backgrounds and expertise in all areas of the transplantation and donation.

The training involved nine live sessions over the course of three. The meetings involved organized lectures and small group activities. Participants were given individual personalized feedback from the faculty throughout the process during lectures, simulations, and discussions. It also included Virtual Reality activities to practice some aspects of donation as well as virtual games to ensure teamwork and create a network between every participant.

DTI is looking forward to continuing to inform the world about the latest techniques and discoveries in organ and tissue donation and transplantation, and we hope to continue to see strong enrollment for our next edition of the advanced training. We are looking forward to starting the 27th edition of the course.