21 March, 2022

SEHA and DTI Foundation organize an event to promote Organ Donation in UAE in the framework of the EXPODUBAI 2020

Abu Dhabi Health Services (SEHA) and DTI Foundation in collaboration with the Spain Pavilion organized an awareness event to promote the organ donation in UAE. The event took place in the Spain Pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai. It drew many attendees in person as well online last Saturday. 

The event provided a valuable opportunity to meet and exchange knowledge about organ donation and raise awareness in the UAE.

Since 2015, DTI Foundation’s collaboration with SEHA and the UEA National Transplant committee has been beneficial, creating protocols and guidelines for the management of an organ donation system in UAE.

DTI Foundation is currently supporting SEHA for the consolidation of a deceased organ donation program with a SEUSA (Spanish, Europe, USA) program, to increase self-sufficiency in deceased organ donation. DTI Foundation looks forward to grow organ donation numbers in the future. 

So far, more than 390 physicians and nurses have been trained in the organ donation and transplantation field. Since September 2021, the project has made possible the achievement of 38 utilized donors and 159 organs transplanted.