2 June, 2021

DTI Foundation celebrates National Donor Day in Spain

DTI Foundation is excited to celebrate National Donor Day today in Spain and hope you will celebrate it with us. As the country with the highest organ donation rate in the world, Spain has been a pioneer in this medicinal field and continues to make improvements that increase quality of life.

In 2019, Spain had 2302 deceased organ donors which accounted for 5,087 organs donated. Those numbers meant there were 49 deceased organ donors per million population. The next highest rate belonged to the United States of America who had a rate of 36.88 per million population.

The international celebration of donor day is on February 14, and you can get involved easily with small steps like donating blood or raising awareness across your hospital or facility about the day and educating your colleagues on information about organ donation and transplantation. The spread of knowledge and training about organ donation and transplantation continues to be an evolving process, but improvements to training and the dissemination of information in recent years has made the process more accessible throughout the world.

DTI Foundation has become one of the international leaders in this practice, and through the work of the foundation and the TPM educational program, we have managed to educate and train over 17,000 professionals in 108 countries since 1991. Our goal is to continue furthering knowledge and training about these processes, and we hope to continue to foster environments in countries that will increase donor rates around the world through safe and empathetic methods.