30 March, 2015

DTI Foundation Activities 2014

We are delighted to share our DTI Foundation Annual Report of Activities 2014. In this report, you will find the actions and updates that the Foundation has carried out over 2014: Training of health care professionals in Barcelona and in various countries around the world, the creation of a new online platform for the online training modality and the implementation of the first edition of the self-training online course on Organ Donation and Transplantation.

The report also includes the International Cooperation projects we are developing, theEuropean co-financed projects we are carrying on and the conferences and collaborations in which DTI Foundation has intervened.

In this Annual Report, we would like to emphasize the involvement of all staff and partners of DTI Foundation and their dedication and work in the mission of saving livesthrough transplantation

You can read the Annual Report 2014 in this link: http://issuu.com/dtifoundation