8 October, 2015

DTI experts: the first international witnesses of a whole organ donation process in China

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On September, DTI was invited to visit the First People´s Hospital of Kunming in Yunnan province (China). During this visit the DTI team had the chance to follow a whole donation process becoming so the first international witnesses. Dr. José María Dominguez and Dr. Reginaldo Boni participated in the confirmation of brain death diagnosis, Dr. Omid Ghobadi supported the local OPO team for the family approach and Dr Chloë Ballesté and Mr. Francesc Martí, joined the Ethics Committee during donation approval. The whole DTI team were invited as well to take part in the donor honor act before organ recovery. During the whole visit, the DTI experts supervised two more donation process. It has been a very fruitful experience for both teams.