26 July, 2019

DTI Community forms an alliance with two transplant patient associations

The patient associations AETHA (Association of Patients and Liver Transplant of Aragon) and ADER (Kidney Patients Association) have united with DTI Community to join strengths and make the message about the importance of organ donation and transplantation louder.

The alliance is a result of the shared goal to improve the patients’ quality of life, including the ones that have been transplanted and the ones that are still waiting for one.

From now on, DTI Community will work with ADER and AETHA to spread the services and the events of all the parts through their websites and social media; they will create projects of divulgation and promotion for organ donation and transplant, such as the talks in which the patients will be the speakers; and plan events together.

Starting in September, associates of ADER and AETHA will have access to DTI Community’s website, and vice versa. Also, September is the month chosen to hold the first-ever talk with a patient as a speaker in this platform. It will take place on the 19th of September at 4 p.m. (Spanish time).

ADER http://www.aderrenal.org/?lang=ca is a private entity, philanthropic and of social initiative, from Catalunya. Founded in 1976, the institution has fought to reclaim improvement in the substitutive therapies of renal insufficiency, such as haemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, and renal transplant.

AETHA: https://aetha.org/aetha/ is a non-profit entity from Aragón, Spain, founded in 1999. Their actions include talks to raise awareness about organ donation and transplant in educational centres, and providing help and information to patients and their families, such as offering welfare flats to people who are going through a transplant.