19 September, 2022

DTI bids farewell to our beloved friend Buitrón

Official Statement of the death of Dr. José M. García Buitrón

DTI Foundation – Donation & Transplantation Institute- feels deeply shocked by the loss of beloved Dr. José M. García Buitrón who passed away this Saturday in Madrid. From DTI we send our deepest condolences to family and friends and share the sad news with our experts and collaborators.

Dr. Buitrón was a founding member and Vice President of DTI Foundation, former director of the Oficina de Coordinación de Trasplantes and Manager of Complejo Hospitalario de A Coruña (CHUAC). As a collaborator in the foundation for 30 years, he has carried out his training and cooperation work in countries such as Trinidad, Tobago, the Philippines and Cuba, among many others.

A very close and endearing person as well as an excellent professional, Dr. Buitrón has always been an inspiration and a model for all members of our international community related to donation and transplantation. We will always remember him as a friend and colleague, and as the person who has left an everlasting impression in our professional and human journey.