Advisory Council

The DTI & TPM Foundation are supported by a large number of professionals recognized for their expertise in various fields that contribute to the development of the foundation.

Coordinator of Transplant Coordination Office, Manager of Live Donor Renal Transplantation Programme, Director of four courses in Transplant Management and expert in various training courses of Coordinators in Italy, Colombia, Argentina and Chile.

He is the author of several articles published in journals and books concerning aspects of Urology, Renal Transplantation, Organ and Tissue Recovery and Transplant Coordination.

Bachelor’s Degree in Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry (UB). Master’s Degree in Business Administration by ESADE Business & Law School. Academic Director of Corporate MBA B2B ESADE Executive Education.  He is also CEO, President and Collaborator of several industrial companies.

Life Long Learning Academic Director from 2001 to 2010.

Author of several publications on online training and training for trainers. Board Member of some educational magazines such as GUIX or Aula. Novelist.

Law Degree. Former member of the Senior Corps of National Tax Inspector. Lecturer at Institute of Fiscal Studies Public School, EADA, EAE and Pompeu Fabra University (UPF). He is Partner and Head of the Corporate Crime Department at Roussaud Costas Duran (RCD).

PhD in Communication Science (UAB). Master’s Degree in European Studies. Bachelor’s Degree in Geography and History  (UB). Professor at the Department of Marketing in ESADE. Lecturer at different national and international universities. Author of several books on Marketing.

Francesc José Maria Solicitor office Degree in Law, Health Law specialist, his work focuses particularly on legal consulting for health entities.

Associate Professor, Faculty of Management, ESADE Business School, Ramon Llull University.

Visiting professor at the universities of Lima, San Salvador, Managua, Budapest and Berkeley.

He provides consulting services to several companies. He is the author of several publications and member of several Boards of Directors.
He is member of the Board of Trustees of DTI Foundation.

Medical Degree.

Ph.D. in Business Organization, Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

Postgraduate in Business administration and Hospital management by ESADE. In addition he had performed additional postgraduate studies in Health economy by UB.

Philologist, DGM-ESADE and  Marketing Postgraduate in the University of Barcelona.

She has a wide experience in Communication and Marketing. She has held positions such as Marketing Director in the Blood and Tissue Bank of Catalonia, as Communication Director in “Grupo Planeta” and as Communications Director in the Catalan Health Institute.

As a consultant she has worked on strategic projects for companies in several industries: medicine, hospitals, insurance, distribution, publishing and wine.

She is  also a member of Esade Alumni and collaborates in DTI as a volunteer consultant.

Degree in Economics, Autonomous University of Barcelona.

He has developed his professional career in law and taxation, both as a consultant and a defender of taxpayers’ interests in the Tax and Revenue Office and the Economic – Administrative Courts.

Owner of an office where economists and solicitors collaborate.