In DTI Foundation we work with the objective of increasing donation rates in countries where it is still low. Thereby, the people that suffer serious illnesses will have more probabilities of having a second chance in life. We need your collaboration. You can help us through different modalities.

Donate: Thanks to your financial support we can work to improve donation here but also in the neediest countries.

  • You can make your contribution through bank transference to our account.
    IBAN: ES72 0182 1017 1302 0368 4260
  • You can make your contribution online through Paypal
  • If you prefer you can call us by telephone at +34 93 402 08 96 or send an email to and we’ll call you.

Communication: It is very important to explain the lives that can be saved and how to improve the quality of life of the population thanks to the donation of organs and tissues. We can get with your help.

  • Help us spread our cause through social networks,
  • Invite your friends to visit our website and also transplant organizations.
  • Give any proposal that you think can be useful to improve the number of donors.

Join our Community: The DTI Community members work towards the increase of donation in their own countries, some of them with low rates. Thereby, people suffering serious illness will increase its probabilities of having a second chance in life. Your collaboration can help us through different modalities: alumni, friend or volunteer.

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