TEODOR Project –Transeuropean Educational Initiative in Organ Donation and Transplantation

TEODOR is an Erasmus + Project of Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices co-funded by the European Commission.

This project aims at designing and piloting a new and innovative training program on organ donation and transplantation for relevant healthcare personnel from Latvia, Czech Republic, and Lithuania. The project is led by Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital (Latvia), with the collaboration and expertise of Spanish and Swedish partners.

The partner organizations in the project are: TPM – DTI Donation & Transplantation Institute and Universitat de Barcelona (Spain), National Transplant Bureau under the Ministry of Health (Lithuania), Fakultní nemocnice Královské Vinohrady (Czech Republic), Skane Lans Landsting (Sweden), and Latvijas Universitate (Latvia).

The purpose of this project is to improve technical and non-technical competencies required in organ donation and transplantation for better clinical performance and patient outcome, and boost best practice exchange among countries, with the ultimate aim of better donation and transplantation activities that can save and improve the lives of hundreds and thousands of patients on the donor waiting lists.

Target Groups:

  • for organ and tissue donation – Key Donation Professionals (KDPs) such as healthcare personnel from Intensive Care Units, Emergency Departments, Neuro-critical wards, organ donor/transplant coordinators;
  • for organ transplantation – the Key Transplantation Professionals (KTPs) such as Immunologists, transplant surgeons, nephrologists, hepatologists, cardiologists, pneumonologists, etc.

The project results foreseen are prospective study in the three beneficiary partner countries (Latvia, Czech Republic and Lithuania) and scientific publications. It is important to highlight the development of the Train the Trainers Curriculum for the experts from each participating country. The last outcome will be a total of 75 healthcare professionals trained (15 KDPs from Latvia, Czech Republic, and Lithuania about organ donation and 15 KTPs from Latvia and Lithuania about organ transplantation).

The Impact and potential longer-term benefits envisaged will be better awareness at different societal levels, including individual, healthcare professionals (both directly involved and others) and decision makers.

At local and regional level:

  • For trainers and learners: better technical and non-technical competences;​
  • For patients: more potential donors identified, better transplant programmes, less patients on the waiting list, better short- and long-term transplant outcomes, higher quality of life;​
  • For hospitals: better donation and transplantation programmes in place. Empowerment of Intensive Care Units, Emergency and central services of the hospital.

At national level, TEODOR will impact positively to National Agencies on development of organ exchange programmes and help us to work with the same rules and have equal knowledge.

At European level we expect TEODOR may create better compliance with the European recommendations and best practice exchange among Baltic, Southern, Central and Northern European healthcare professionals to improve organ donation and transplantation practices.