29 juny, 2020

Eurofins Foundation collaborates with DTI

Eurofins Foundation supports DTI’s project “Save One Million Lives”. Since 2018, this project aims to help in the creation of the deceased organ donation program in developing countries, where patients with chronic terminal illnesses are a main concern.

Thanks to Eurofins Foundation, we will be able to perform the situational diagnosis and develop a plan proposal in two Indian regions. The actions will be as follows:

1. Situational diagnosis in terms of organ donation and transplantation. Only through an accurate diagnosis it will be possible to design a plan proposal adjusted to the area. This study aims at identifying organizational, structural, and educational needs and foreseeing solutions that can be implemented both in the short and in long term.

2. Proposal development: 3-year plan to build the deceased organ donation program in the study region, which will be focused on improving measures for in-hospital organ procurement structure.

Developing this kind of program will increase the transplant rates, which means that we will give a lot of people in the waiting list a second chance in life.