28 desembre, 2015

DTI Foundation cooperates with the Council of Europe in a diagnosis visit in the Republic of Belarus

On the past 7th of December, the European Committee on Organ Transplantation (CD-P-TO), the steering committee in charge of organ transplantation activities at the Council of Europe,  visited the Republic of Belarus with the goal of analyzing and evaluating the current situation of the system of transplant and donation of Belarus.

In this context, a multidisciplinary team of DTI Foundation experts, composed of: Dr. Francesco Procaccio,  Dr. Javier Aguirrezabalaga, Dra. Entela Kondi  and Estephan Arredondo.

During their visit, the team of experts had the opportunity to meet the Health Department and the Republican Scientific-Practical Center (RSPC) of organ and tissue transplantation and to visit differents hospitals.

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