5 agost, 2019

1st Intermediate Training Course in Goa State, India

Collaboration between the Goa Medical College and the DTI Foundation has made possible the organization of the 1st Intermediate Training course in Goa, India from the 29th till the 31st of July. This cooperation’s main goal is to establish a self-sufficient deceased organ donation program in the Goa state.

The TPM course was the perfect platform for exchanging knowledge and sharing experiences. A team of international DTI experts from Spain and Portugal joined by a group of excellent local experts had the opportunity of enhancing the expertise of the 52 participants from the Goa state. All together experts and participants engaged in this unique learning experience giving them the opportunity of connecting through their mutual passion for organ donation.

This three-day course aims to inspire the participants by its unique methodology with lectures, workshops and in situ simulation, the innovative approach encourages their motivation and enthusiasm to increase their knowledge and skills.

On the 27th of July the international experts had the opportunity to attend an Organ Donation and spirituality symposium organised by the Indian Medical Association with the Goa Union of Journalists. The Symposium gathered religious representatives of three major faiths to advocate their support to organ donation. Maulana Mohammed Zafar Alam Nadvi the Iman of Masjid-ul-Abrar at Margao, Fr Donato Rodrigues professor of moral theology at the Rachol Seminary and Sadguru Brahmeshanandacharya Swamisaid founder of the International Sadguru Foundation talked about what constituted a fair and beneficial organ donation process according to their faiths.